Eric Mak Named Top 3 Finalist for Young Broker of the Year Award 2017 by IBAO!

Dec 1, 2017

It truly is an honour for me to have made the Top 3 Finalist list for Young Broker of the Year this year. I appreciate the recognition by IBAO as well as the nomination from BrokerTeam. Congratulations to Ashley Holmes of Roughley Insurance Brokers who took home the final prize.

Making the Top 3 list, I am glad for this opportunity to use my story to encourage young brokers-to-be and inspire leadership in those already in the business.

My insurance career began from my dedication to soccer, and it has grown hand-in-hand with my love of the sport.  I have been part of Vickers, a Markham Chinese soccer team, since school. After graduating, I joined the insurance industry through the team manager’s connection. I started as a broker’s assistant and obtained the RIBO license a year later.

When I later became Vickers’ head coach and manager, I gained a new perspective on team sportsmanship and leadership.

In 2016, I made the scary move of opening my own brokerage with the support of BrokerTeam. Co-founded by two other young brokers and friends, ETC Insurance opened business in Markham in 2017.

The lessons I learned from a team sport such as soccer influence how I conduct business. I understand the importance of making a personal connection with each member of my network, and I ingrain this belief in ETC Insurance and my staff.

My career in insurance began as a receptionist. Through dedication, I became a high-producing broker. ETC Insurance is my current focus. I want us to provide the true broker value to clients: offering expert advice along with the human touch that builds trust and connection in any relationship.

ETC Insurance is a great opportunity, not only to challenge myself and to test my own limits. It also allows me to show others that they too can build something from scratch and own something they can be proud of.

Eric Mak
Executive Director

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