Direct Payment to Insurer

Choose your insurance company below to pay them directly. Please note: You'll be taken to their website.

                                                                                                         ****************Monthly Withdrawal Disclosure*********************

If you have chosen pre-authorized monthly withdrawals as your method of payment for your insurance policy, please be aware that ETC Insurance Inc. cannot guarantee the amount or date of the withdrawal. The Insurance Companies set out the schedules and monthly premiums based on how much was provided up front and when the policy was actually issued. 
To avoid an NSF fee and/or cancellation of your policy, please ensure sufficient funds in your account immediately after coverage has been bound. 
If your policy goes into cancellation status due to insufficient funds, you will be charged an NSF fee by the Insurance Company (Typically $50 for each policies). 
ETC Insurance Inc. is not responsible for any NSF charges that you may incur due to default in payment.  



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