Home Insurance

Protect your greatest investment against the unexpected

Home insurance policies provide coverage for the building you own, any detached structures, and all your personal belongings. We offer different levels of coverage (basic, extended and all-risk) according to your needs for homeowners, condo owners and tenants.

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The value of home insurance becomes obvious with your first claim. You’ll be provided with an allowance for additional living expenses if you have to leave your home, as repairs get under way. With the right coverage, the only money you’ll have to spend during a claim will be your deductible.

ETC Insurance brokers are well-versed in home insurance, in case you’re not sure what each coverage provides or whether you need to get any endorsements (optional coverage that extends your coverage) for sewer backup or earthquakes. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote. We’ll gather the information you need to formulate a proposal, and if you like it, we can get you insured immediately.

Review Your Existing Coverage

Are you already insured? ETC Insurance can examine your existing coverage for any important coverage gaps, at no cost to you, so you can adjust your coverage. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions regarding your properties and home insurance.

Adapting Your Coverage

Are you planning to buy a new home or a cottage? Do you own property outside of Ontario, or have children attending university? Do you have any valuable belongings that might need more extensive coverage? Give us a call to see what impact, if any, this can have on your premium and coverage.


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